Facial Treatments - LED Light Therapy

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Please see below for LED Light Therapy Facial Treatment Information. Add LED Light therapy session $60, to any facial.

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AHAVA Active Dead Sea Minerals product range is used in all facials. Our AHAVA facials LOVE your skin! AHAVA offers comprehensive treatment and homecare solutions for all ages, all skin conditions. AHAVA’ s mineral based skincare products harness the inherent purity and revitalising powers of Dead Sea Minerals and the finest botanical extracts. These gentle, Skin-Friendly Formulas Reveal Their Collective Power in Enabling Healthier, Well-Hydrated and Freshly Renewed skin. AHAVA in Hebrew means Love. Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a professional skin care trained Beauty Therapist who will analyse your skin, help you improve your complexion and show you how to take proper care of your skin. There are no cookie-cutter facials at Flawless Beauty. Ahava products are only sold in Beauty Salons.                                             ahava web pic


All facials include a skin consultation, face and décolletage massage.

Introductory Facial (30 mins)

If time is limited the express facial treatment will cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin followed with a customised mask and moisturiser for your skin type.


Full Facial Treatment (1hr 15mins)

This is the facial for when you are not sure what your skin needs, but it needs something.

After a consultation a customised facial especially tailored for your skins requirements, facial massage and steam, products used for your skin type.


Men's Face Skincare Treatment (1 hr 15mins)

Deep exfoliating and cleansing, hydrating and nourishing the skin. Feed the skin and see how nourished and healthy your skin will be after this treatment. Relieve irritation and or ingrowns caused by shaving. Using Ahava skincare products specifically developed for men's skin in this treatment. 

Ahava Skincare Products are: Alcohol Free, Cruelty free, GMO Free, Paraben Free, Vegan and Diabetic safe. 

No empty promises and no fluff or fuss with this facial treatment. Results you will feel and see immediately. 


Hydrating Hyaluronic Facial Treatment (1hr 15mins) - Boost of hydration, Soften and refining of the skin's texture, long term wrinkle prevention.

Intensive hydrating facial to restore hydration, elasticity, flexibility and lipid levels for optimum skin health. Skin will look and feel, smooth and soft.


Calm SkinPro Facial Treatment (1hr 15mins) - Sensitive, sensitized and irritated skin types.

Sensitive skin facial to sooth, calm and relax itchy, red and inflamed skin. A soothing treatment that gently cleanses and instantly calms the skin.


Purifying Mineral Facial Treatment (1hr 15mins) - Oily and acne skin types.

Deep Cleansing Purifying facial for oily, acne prone, congested skin. Clears congestion and soothes redness and inflammation, refines pores. Skin will be smooth, clean and nourished. 


Age Renewal Nourishing Facial Treatment (1hr 15mins) -

Age renewal Ahava pRetinol facial will smooth the skin's texture, hydrate, nourish, firm and relax fine lines and soften the complexion with Ahava skincare concentrated serums and deep facial massage techniques that awaken all the muscles in the face. We have 42 muscles in our face but we don't always use them constantly which can weaken them. 

Ahava pRetinol exclusive patent, which supplies the skin with Retinol precursors that the skin converts into Retinol. It is a 'natural-to-skin' safe alternative to Retinol, tailor-made for your skin with all the benefits and none of the side effects.

Age renewal facial lifts, awakens and firms the skin and muscles and have you feeling and looking fresh.


Add LED Light Therapy to any facial 

See below information on LED Light Therapy.


                                              LED LIGHT THERAPY FACIAL - (Light Emitting Diode)  


LED Light Therapy per session

Add LED Light Therapy in with any of the Facials $60


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a revolutionary, non-surgical skin treatment using the proven healing power of light. 

Using 6 customisable wavelengths of LED light, this device stimulates collagen production, increases elastin, improves skin tone and firms the skin… and all with no side-effects and no downtime.

Different wavelengths of light, designated by colour, have targeted effects on the skin - including anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, acne treatment, scar fading and more. 

How does LED Light Therapy Work?


LED Light Therapy works similarly to the process of photosynthesis in plants, using light energy to stimulate the body’s regenerative metabolic processes at a cellular level. LED Light Therapy works to nourish cells and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, making it an ideal treatment for anti-ageing and skin renewal.

LED Light Therapy can treat:


  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Cellulite
  • Loose / Drooping Skin
  • Acne / Blemishes



LED light therapy penetrates the skin at cellular level to subsequently bring about various cellular reactions. 

 Stimulates collagen and elastin

 Regular LED Light Therapy Treatments will result in an improved skin tone, cleared blemishes, smoother skin texture and reduction of pore size. led Light Therapy works to regenerate the skin by activating fibroblast cells that increase the production of collagen and elastin. 

 Cellular repair


LED Light Therapy helps to repair skin that has been damaged or compromised, such as sun-damaged skin and scarred skin. It helps to enhance moisture within the skin, which promotes overall skin health and allows the skin to better heal itself from within. 

 Brightening & glowing effects


LED Light Therapy reduces the appearance of redness and irritation. The LED light stimulates a ‘glowing’ appearance from within the skin that makes the skin appear brighter, tighter and firmer. 



LED Light Therapy increases circulation, reducing hyperpigmentation and allowing the skin to faster heal itself and turnover new cells. It also provides an anti-ageing effect by minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, worry lines and smile lines.

 For optimum results, recommendED 4-6 LED Light Therapy treatments at 2 sessions weekly.

preparartion - NONE

AFTERCARE - Keep the skin protected and hydrated with AHAVA Dead Sea Skincare and and Anna Lotan Day Time Sun Protection AVA/AVB SPF30. 

LED Light Therapy per session


Add LED Light Therapy in with any of the Facials


Treatment 30 minutes.

FEATURES - With 6 wavelengths of light and 130 LED bulbs, you can target a range of skin concerns.


Red LED Light - Rejuvenates the complexion and reduces wrinkles
Use this laser focus to target cells beneath the skin’s surface, stimulating them to produce new collagen to reduce wrinkles and fight acne-causing bacteria.

Yellow LED Light - Lessens redness and calms the skin
Highly effective in treating redness, spider veins and with its gentle wavelength of 583nm, it’s perfect for sensitive and irritated skin.

Green LED Light - Deeply repairs and brightens the skin
Targets the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin that contributes to hyperpigmentation), giving a brightening effect to the skin. Over time, spots and unevenness fades away.

Blue LED Light - Balances oil secretion and mattifies the skin
The ultimate acne fighter, calming the sebaceous glands to limit the excess production of oil and kill bacteria. 


Purple LED Light - Repairs acne and heals blemishes
Stimulates collagen and elastin production whilst it kills acne-causing bacteria, resulting in a fresh looking ‘glow’ to the skin.

Cyan LED Light - Calms the skin and soothes inflammation
This calms the skin, settles irritation and restores the skin to an overall smooth, firm and youthful tone.

This treatment is an LED Light Therapy device for cosmetic use only. It is not designed for use in the treatment of cancer or any other serious medical conditions. If you have any concerns whatsoever with regard to your health it is imperative that you seek the advice of a medical professional.