Spray Tan

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- Bella Bronze Spray Tan Solution and take home tanning products. Natural and organic ingredients, 100% Vegan. Violet based tan. Develops in 1-2 Hours.

- Naked Tan Spray Tan Solution and take home products. Violet based and vegan friendly. Develops in 1-2  Hour tans. 

If you are getting a spray tan for a special event, the spray tan appointment should be 24-48 hours before the event.                                                                                                                 tan colours                                            

Full Body Spray Tan $40
Pre-pay 5 Spray Tans get 1 FREE $200

Bella Bronze Tan is made from natural and organic ingredients and is 100% vegan, which means it's not tested on animals. The range features professional salon solutions 12% Mocha medium-dark solution and 14% Violet Dark solution and retail take home do it yourself tanning products - 2 in 1 Gradual tanner, Face tan mist, Tanning dark mocha mousse, Gentle cleansing body wash, Hydrating body moisturiser, Tanning mitts. 

Naked Tan is violet based, vegan friendly spray tan solutions. Available in solutions 12%, 15% and 16% active, to give a tan in as little as 2 hours. Australian made. Take home do it yourself Gradual tan, Instant tan retail products available.

Tips Before Spray Tan - All waxing and shaving has to be done 24 hours before your spray tan appointment. Exfoliate your entire face and especially body the day before a spray tan, this will allow the tan to go onto fresh skin and last longer. Do not apply perfumes, deodorants, moisturisers or makeup until after your post tanning shower, these all act as a barrier and prevent the spray tan solution from contacting the skin. Wear dark loose fitting clothing and open toed shoes to your appointment. You will be provided with disposable underwear for your tanning session, but you can choose to wear your own underwear. At your appointment a professional spray tan technician will discuss your desired tanning colour and what solution is best for you.

After Tan Tips - Rinse off your tan with warm water ONLY. Pat dry your body with a towel, do not rub. Avoid hand sanitiser, chlorine, massages, excessive exercise, no hair treatments, no hair washing, no hair appointments and saunas within the first 24 hours, as the tan is still developing and those things can ruin the tan. Apply moisturiser 18 hours after the first shower, (your tan is still developing after the first shower) moisturiser is only needed 18 hours after the first shower and onwards and continue to apply moisturiser morning and night and stay hydrated to keep the tan looking even and lasting longer. Apply SPF sunscreen whenever outside. A spray tan/tanning products do not contain sun protection.

The advice is for these brands of tan. Every brand has it's own advice. 

The salon also stocks - Bella Bronze Dark Mocha Mousse 200ml and Naked Tan Australia Gradual Tan 150ml - take home do it yourself.